• When you call the service department you are getting
    When you call the service department you are getting
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    Because of the clever space-saving design and swift water heating function, combi boilers are the most popular type in the uk, accounting for over half of all new domestic boilers per year a combi boiler works by supplying limitless on-demand central heating and hot water directly from the boiler the.

  • Darren began his apprenticeship
    Darren began his apprenticeship
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    Exclusive offer to msm: free home emergencies cover + save further £11.52 on annual payment. The cons of a combi boiler are. However, if you do have a pilot light, it should always burn with a bright, solid blue flame this shows that the boiler is burning efficiently and correctly if your pilot light burns with a yellow or orange wavy flame, the gas is not burning cleanly and this could be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak. According to a which? poll of nearly 3,000.